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The Amish failure challenged me to make a stronger unit that will last longer.  Rust is a big problem with these cooling units on the evaporators due to condensation that will sometimes penetrate into the foam pack and rust the tubing causing leaks.  I have solved that problem by using a Galvanized thermal spray on the evaporators that is 99.9% pure zinc. This is a Professional Galvanizing Spray application.  Not from a can you buy at  HomeDepot My units are the only ones in the Industry with Galvanize Spray.  A process that not only protects the tubing from rust but is also thermal conductive. The goal here was to make a quality cooling unit that would last longer than any unit on the market.  A quality product that is built with pride to last.  


We Hot Galvanize our evaporators to extend the life of the unit. 
Our competitors
use a thin layer of
paint. Click here to
read about the comparison:

Right now we 
are only selling our units in Southern California
and Arizona.  Sometime in the next year we will be shipping our units out across the country.  One reason for doing this is the excuses customers have heard from the Amish when they call about their RV Fridge that isn't working "it must have been installed incorrectly."  We are taking that out of the equation.  A significant savings to the customer if something is wrong.  When you buy from us  (because we are local,)  we can come over and bring a new unit and make it right, on the spot.  
No shipping hassles, 

No waiting for another unit to be shipped back, 

No paying someone to swap units again.

Our cooling units have an internal/external Heat Exchanger (patent pending) that no one else has on the market today. The tubes exiting the bottom of the Absorption Tank attach to an external system that can be attached at any time.  I designed this to meet the needs of the RV Refrigerators that are installed in slide outs. 
This will eliminate the overheating problems for these refrigerators.  This system can also be used where the fridges fail in cold weather at 15 degrees F or lower with a simple attachment.



First of all, our Cooling Units are NOT AMISH Cooling Units. CampFridge L1200 Brand New Cooling Units are different from any cooling unit out there on the market today.

Hi everyone, my name is Matt Willis and I would like to tell you a story about how I came to build and manufacture SUPERIOR Brand New aftermarket L1200 Cooling Units.  First of all let me tell you that I have 35 years of experience in the Aerospace Fastener Industry.  That is many years working with metal, testing, building, forming and education about different metals and their strengths and weaknesses.

I sold my Aerospace Fastener company fourteen years ago, bought 80 acres on top of a mountain where I lived off the grid for ten years.  I became interested in RV Refrigerators when mine stopped working. I then proceeded to learn everything there was to know about RV Refrigerators  thincluding the old household gas refrigerators (Servels).  

Rebuilding cooling units has been my bread and butter for the last seven years.  

Now let me tell you why I wanted to build New Cooling Units.  Call it a challenge to pick up the ball that they dropped.

Almost 4 years ago if I had a customer that wanted to buy a new L1200 Cooling Unit I would reccomend the Amish L1200.  At the time Norcold had alot of failures with their L1200 cooling units.  The Amish had a good track record with household gas refrigerators. But when they produced fridges with AC they ran into the same problem Norcold was having with failures on the boilers.  Two years into the introduction of the Amish L1200 two of my service tech friends told me that the Amish L1200 units were failing in the same spot that the Norcold's L1200 were.

Now the question, why were they failing too?  The answer is simple, the Amish bragged of having thicker steel tubing than the Norcold units on the boiler tube (area that failed).  That is true,  the .065 thickness tube the Amish used was thicker than the Norcold's at the time.  However, it was the same thickness that Dometic was using at the time and they were having failure at the same location on the units that Norcold were.  How is that an improvement?  It is no surprise that the Amish units started failing before they were three years old.  Proof you say?  I have six Amish L1200 Cooling Units that are all less than three years old in my possession.  Five out of the six failed in the same spot.
Ok so how are my cooling units better?  First of all, on my boiler tube I use .083 thickness steel tubing that is seamless. Thicker than any boiler out there on the market today.  The Amish use .065 thickness tubing that has a welded seam. Every tube on my cooling units are thicker than the Amish use on their units.

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